TINE tags are peel & stick, smart stickers—for adding video messages to the things you share.

Watch the video to learn how they work.

Stick a TINE Tag on anything and record a message.

Let someone feel like you're there, even from thousands of miles away.

Get your TINE tags today.

You can order TINE tags directly from the app.

Here’s how TINE Tags work.


Stick a TINE tag on anything, for instance a greeting card or a gift.


Install the TINE app from the app store, and scan the tag with your phone.


Use the app to record a video, audio or photo message and save it to the tag.

When someone scans your tag, they’ll see your message and you’ll get notified in the app.

Install TINE now and request tags from the app.

There are hundreds of ways to use TINE.

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TINE is designed to be flexible.

Add Anything

Easily add video, audio or photo messages from your phone to your tag.

Privacy and Control

The first person to scan a tag, becomes the owner and can limit who can view the message, they can even limit who can post comments on the tag.

Stay in the Loop

Get notified anytime someone scans your tag or posts a comment.

Quick and Simple.

Your message will automatically play when someone scans your tag.

Location Aware

Tags can be geo-fenced, limiting where someone needs to be to view the message on the tag.

A Lot More

Set up anonymous tags, see how many times it’s been scanned and where, create groups of tags and remotely reset a tag.

Install the app and see all the ways you can use TINE today.

What our users are saying.

My third grade students wrote and published their own fictional stories. To get others interested in reading their stories, they recorded themselves giving an introduction to their books "Reading Rainbow" style, and attached it to a Tine tag on their front covers. Students from other classes used iPads to scan the tags, watch the videos, and decide which books they were interested in reading. The kids were so engaged and loved having their books come alive! The best part was when parents came for open house and could watch these videos of their kids talking about their stories. Seeing the parents' faces light up with amazement was priceless!Doreen T.
Doreen T.3rd Grade Teacher | Los Angeles, CA
I like to take notes on pen and paper and TINE makes note taking even better. By adding TINE tags to my notebook, I can add digital audio notes to everything I write. If I ever miss anything I can always rely on TINE to catch it. With TINE tags I have the best of both worlds.  Leo H.
Leo H.Consultant | Cadence
My son loves TINE, I took his favorite book, put a TINE tag on each page, and recorded myself reading to him. He loves using my iPhone and seeing mommy pop up on a video. It's educational for now and creates an amazing memory for later.  Davina C.
Davina C.Mom | Zack Productions
We wanted to add a little flair to our wedding invitations, so we added a video to each invite using TINE to give them a personal touch. It was not only a great way to invite people, but the TINE app let us know when our friends had viewed the video message on our invites which helped us stay organized.  Heidi R.
Heidi R.Ops Manager | Benchmark Destinations

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