3 Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Valentine Blush

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day full of hope, love, and nerve-wracking planning. Should you go and have a run-of-the-mill date that consists of a movie that you might not even like, followed by a dinner where you talk about things you’ve already talked about? Or do you dare go down the road less travelled and do something that you’ve never done before? Worry no more, because here are three brilliant ideas that are guaranteed to achieve that dream date of yours. TINE Tag is an app that lets you record a personal message on small stickers that you can stick on things. Just stick the tag on something, scan it, record your message, and your partner can watch or hear your message when he/she scans it.

Chasing Pavements


Adele might be right about a lot of things, but this time, chasing pavements will actually lead somewhere, in the form of a romantic scavenger hunt. You can use TINE tags to place clues around the house for your lover to find, with each item tagged being something that means a lot to the both of you. Instead of just recording clues, though, you can even add some motivational or romantic lines, or remind him/her of why you chose to tag those specific items. Think of it as a way of reminiscing about your journey together as a couple. What makes it even more romantic is that you can both be seen and heard, adding depth to the emotions as opposed to just writing down the clues for them to find. This also serves as a great distraction for when you need to set up the romantic dinner you have planned.

More than words


If a full-fledged scavenger hunt isn’t up your alley, you can tame things down a bit but still be romantic. Every couple has certain things that remind them of each other. Stick TINE tags on the things that remind you of your lover, and then add a personal video or audio message of what these things mean to you. They may be the tickets of the first concert you attended together, the wine bottle you opened when you first went official, or even that DVD of Love, Actually which you watched during that cold winter evening. These tiny presents in the house would definitely remind your lover of how you feel. Sometimes, being remembered is a lot better than receiving luxurious gifts.

Silly love songs, on  Valentine’s Card


Of course, no Valentine’s Day is complete without a well-thought-out card, but you can’t just go in the store and pick a random one. You have to get the tone and message just right. You also can’t just write an essay on the card itself, lest your significant other just throws it into the pile of Letters Too Long To Even Bother Reading. Why not add a TINE tag on it to make it more personal and romantic? However your card gets to them (by mail, left on their front porch, or given to them in person), you can certainly get your video or audio message to them with the TINE tag. You can even sing a few lines from that one love song that reminds you of your lover!

You see? Valentine’s Day doesn’t always need to be traditional. There are a lot of other ways to make your lover feel special, and TINE Tag is here to help you out.

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