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TINE is what you would get if you combined a Post-it Note with Youtube.

You can download the app at, and recently we had a really nice article written up on how Mom’s are using TINE and I couldn’t believe how creative they had gotten! Here’s what they had to say: TINE (pronounced “tiny”) has come up with an amazing app. The Tine app works with these little stickers called TINE tags (you can order them free once you download the app). Using TINE is simple. You just stick a TINE tag on something; scan the tag using the app on your phone, and record a video or audio message and hit save. Now your message is saved on the little sticker. If someone scans the sticker with the TINE app on their phone, they instantly hear your message. The app even notifies you when someone hears your message. I was surprised with all the ways I could use it! I have listed a couple of interesting ways I have used TINE so far.

1. Using TINE to turn any book into a personalized record-able audio book

I took one of my children’s favorite books and added TINE tags to each page. Then I opened up the app, scanned a page, and recorded myself reading it. Now when I am not around and a special someone scans the tags on the book with the TINE app they can hear me reading that page aloud. It was amazing. This is perfect for working parents or busy moms who are not always able to read to their kids at night, or if you are a grandparent looking for a special gift.

2. Using TINE to add a personal message to a gift or a birthday card

TINE is also a great thing to add to a gift or birthday card. I took a gift I was sending to a friend and added a TINE sticker (a TINE tag) to it. I scanned the sticker with the app, and recorded a message singing happy birthday. A few days later, I was notified on my phone, that my friend had watched the message. I got a call from her a little later, she thought it was the coolest thing, and wanted to know how I had done it.

Closing Thoughts While I have only listed two ways to use TINE, I have already come up with a few other ideas, from adding audio notes to the recipes I love to cook, to adding videos to scrapbooks. If you are looking for more ideas, you can always check them out on TINE’s Facebook page. You can download the app at here, they have a version for iOS and Android, and the best part is, both the app and the tags are free!

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