How to Say I Love You Without Sounding Cheesy

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Saying I love the first time can be hard, remembering to say it can be even harder. Don’t worry,  we’ve found an app that will help you tell that special someone how you really feel!

So the app is called TINE and it works with these little stickers called TINE tags.  Here’s how they work.


Stick a TINE tag on anything and scan the tag with the TINE app.


Install the TINE app from the app store, and scan the TINE tag with your phone.


Use the TINE app to record a video, audio or photo message and save it to the tag.

When someone scans your TINE tag, they’ll get see your message and you’ll get notified in the app.

TINE lets you add a video messages to a love letter, hide notes with video messages around the house, or even plan a fun scavenger hunt.

The best part, the app and the tags are completely free.

We suggest downloading the app and ordering your free tags ASAP.  TINE’s getting a lot of press, and you’ll want to make sure you order your free tags before a waitlist is setup to keep up with demand.

Click to download the app for iPhone or Android, and order tags for free directly from the app.